Asphalt surfaces are meant to be long-lasting. Unfortunately, they can’t last forever. You’ll have to repair them time and again. There’s a lot of work that goes into keeping your driveway and parking lot in good shape. Your asphalt needs routine maintenance and periodic repairs in order to stay usable, attractive, and safe.
It’s very important to accurately determine when your parking lot or driveway requires repairs so that it may last longer. Improper timing can result in serious damages that may lead to increased costs of keeping your pavement in great shape. Here are five signs that indicate it’s time to call an asphalt repair company.

1. Appearance of Cracks

Cracks develop with the aging of your driveway or parking lot. They are a very common sign that indicates it’s time to repair your pavement. If you delay carrying out repairs, the cracks can grow larger and eventually form a skin that looks like an alligator. At this stage, you’ll have to completely replace your asphalt surface, and that is costly.
There’re those pavement cracks that do not necessarily require immediate repair. Nevertheless, in case you notice a crack that’s widening quickly, call a contractor. Asphalt filling or patching these types of cracks early enough can increase the lifespan of your pavement in the long run.

2. Water Pools

Water is a key element that can damage your asphalt pavement. It does this through freeze-and-thaw actions after seeping through the surface. The result is a strain to the neighboring pavement that causes more damage. Pooling water could result from either bad drainage or a surface that’s not level. Experts can identify and rectify the problem.

3. Pothole Appearance

Potholes in your parking lot or driveway are an eyesore to everyone who uses your pavement. Aside from that, they’re a safety hazard. Stumbling into them can easily result in injuries. They also damage vehicles. That’s why you need to fix them early.
Potholes form due to different factors. One of them is the freeze-and-thaw action of the water that seeps into your pavement. It can also result from soil expansion and contraction below the asphalt. You can fix pothole problems by completely filling them up.

4. Warping

The weight of vehicles exerts a lot of pressure on your pavement, especially when they are turning. This can result in the warping of your asphalt surface. The extent of the damage determines how easy it’ll be to fix a warp. Slight damages only require a simple touch-up with extensive ones requiring complete replacement.

5. Faded Surface Color

The exposure of your driveway and parking lot surface to varying environmental conditions causes its color to fade. UV rays and weathering are some of the major factors that cause this effect. Another factor is the exposure of your asphalt to corrosive chemicals. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix fading problems. Applying a seal coat is enough.

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