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Do you want your asphalt pavement or driveway to last longer? With the right maintenance practices, you can even double its life! Gettysburg Sealcoating offers the best solution for your asphalt surfaces. Our highly skilled crews use the highest quality of materials and ultramodern equipment to seal cracks in your pavement.

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Our Process

Our asphalt crack repair crew begins by cleaning your damaged surface with compressed air and industrial wire brooms. After cracks are free of debris, we fill them with hot rubberized tar. The substance fills and levels the damaged area. The tar also prevents the further spreading of the cracks.

After the injection process, we finish with a black gritty sand coat. The “Black Beauty’ adheres to the rubber’s top to keep it from sticking to your feet, tires, or other objects that may go over it. The seal coat also strengthens your asphalt further and staves off future damage.


Why Seal Cracks?

Crack repair is a very critical part of every asphalt maintenance plan. Even in the best of conditions, weather and other factors do weaken your pavement leading to cracking. Once you see the first sign, it’s time to call a Gettysburg asphalt crack sealing company to maintain your surface. If you don’t, you’ll see more cracks soon.

In case your parking lot or driveway needs asphalt crack repair services, call Gettysburg Sealcoating. We can give you a free estimate, suggesting the best possible recommendation for your pavement’s maintenance. We are the asphalt crack sealing Gettysburg, PA Company that everyone looks for when they want excellent results.

Never underestimate what small cracks can do to your pavement. By allowing water to penetrate beneath the pavement’s surface, they can lead to a speedy erosion of your driveway or parking lot. Let us seal the cracks that you’re seeing in your pavement and avoid serious future problems that may cost you dearly.

Extend the Life of Your Asphalt

By preventing water from entering your parking lot and driveway’s base, crack sealing keeps your surfaces free from damage that may lead to pothole formation. However, the process’ success depends on the type and amount of cracks on your pavement. That’s why you need professional guidance.

We’re the asphalt crack sealing Gettysburg, PA contractor you should run to in case you’re seeking to extend the life of your pavement. We can tell you when it’s cost-effective to seal those cracks. Our advice can help you use your pavement for many years to come if it’s not in a terrible condition yet.

Use Your Improved Pavement Soon

Our utilization of state-of-the-art technology and equipment ensures that you use your driveway or parking lot as soon as possible. Sealed cracks take utmost 20 minutes to be traffic-ready. We also do our work quickly and efficiently to make sure that you enjoy your pavement the soonest.

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As soon as you see cracks in your pavement, contact us to deal with the issue. We are the asphalt crack sealing Gettysburg, PA Company you can trust. Our experts have received quality training and use only high-grade materials and equipment to seal your cracks properly.

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