Rain has a lot of effects for us all. Of course, we need rain because water is vital to our existence, and no one can deny how important it is for trees, plants, and agriculture; but it is not such a good thing for our roads. Our roads suffer damage throughout the year that most of us may not be aware of. The cold of winter with heavy storms, terrible winds, and heavy snowfall damage the asphalt on our roads; and so too does summer’s high heat. You would think that there might be peace during spring or fall, but that is just not the case. At Gettysburg Sealcoating, we know that all of the blows that our roads take during every month of the year create cracks and other damage that only get worse when dark clouds decide to pour heavy rain on them. When water gets into those cracks, it makes its way down under the asphalt and weakens it, creating potholes that are very dangerous for drivers and will not only cause damage to vehicles but can lead to accidents that include fatalities. That is why engineers have water damage in mind when they design roads and include drainage structures in the design. Even as far back as when the Romans were building roads all across Europe to facilitate the way forth of the Empire’s armies, their engineers made sure that those roads included drainage systems. 

Problems That Poor Drainage Can Cause

Road Safety

Bad drainage issues do not just affect the road itself; it is also a matter of safety for those who happen to be using that road.  It is amazing how much water can accumulate on a road with blocked drainage; and this amount of water will cause hydroplaning which means that being between the wheels of a vehicle and the road, the water will cause a loss of traction that will keep the driver from being able to control the vehicle. You can clearly see how that will cause an accident and put peoples’ lives in danger.   


A culvert is supposed to allow water to flow under and away from the road so that it does not cause any damage to it. But, sometimes, culverts are not maintained properly and the flow of water is disrupted. When this happens, erosion can result in soil such as silt, sand, and others. 

Deformation Of Roads

Road designers have known for a long time that the materials that they employ in order to build roads can become deformed from extreme heat and cold; but they can also become deformed from uncontrolled moisture. When drains are clogged or damaged in any other way, the water that remains on the road adds to the moisture that it must endure and can result in deformation.

Frost Heaves

People who live in warmer climates have probably never heard of frost heaves. With extremely cold weather, the freezing causes cracks in the ground and “heave” the ground upward creating a physical bump in the road that can be quite dangerous, especially at high speeds. Proper drainage maintenance can help a great deal with this. 

Pavement life

Our roads are not built to last forever and we all know that. However, if the maintenance that roads regularly need is performed as it should be, they will last a lot longer; and this includes the drainage systems that are built into them. When roads last longer, it saves us all money and that is the bottom line. 

It is obvious that we have to pay more attention to the damage that the elements cause our drainage systems and respond accordingly if we are to avoid all of these negative consequences. Just have a look here: http://gettysburg-sealcoating.com/

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