Getting your business prepared for the summer and winter is regarded as good thinking, especially as it will, in the end, save you cost and also keep the property appealing and attractive. A great way to prepare your property for changes in season is through Gettysburg Sealcoating.

Your parking space and driveway are constantly exposed to the weather elements which are capable of destroying it over time, thus also reducing the appeal of your property. To make the most of your driveway, you may need to consider seal coating it.

However, after seal coating, you may also want to go a step further by line striping, especially for businesses and public offices.

Line striping presents you with a number of advantages and in most cases, you stand to gain a lot more value for less cost when line stripping is done by professionals. Below are some of the reasons you should choose line stripping for your driveway and parking lots.


Line stripping, also called parking lot striping can present several safety advantages for drivers and pedestrians that make use of the area daily. With properly done line stripping, crosswalks are well-defined which ensures that drivers and pedestrians can specifically keep to their lane while watching out for each other and preventing against cases of accidents.

With line stripping, traffic flow can also be controlled through parking lot pavement markings. An important safety benefit of line stripping also is that it can be used to complement traffic and safety signs thus assisting drivers in safely maneuvering through the parking lot.

Well marked parking lot pavements allows car owners and drivers to know exactly where to move and how to better navigate the parking lot in less time.

Maximize parking space

Parking spaces are mostly abused by car owners who maneuver and park haphazardly. However, to prevent this while promoting space management for the highest number of cars, line striping can be effective. With line striping or parking lot striping, vehicle owners are made to conform to the marked lines thus allowing proper arrangement of vehicles and supporting parking of the maximum number of cars and trucks in the parking lot at any one time. Additionally, clearly marking stalls can also be a great way to help drivers better manage traffic and thus makes the parking lot less congested by illegally parked vehicles.

Curb appeal

Appearance and appeal are two of the greatest attractions for most people. In line with this, a freshly stripped parking lot is guaranteed to help maintain the appeal of your commercial property. By adding curb appeal, your parking lot becomes the point of attraction to your business. Also, the contrast between the black pavement and the white, or yellow lines makes for a great aesthetic appearance which will reflect back on the property.

Handicapped spacing and access

One of the most important aspects of line striping is ensuring that proper access is allocated for the handicapped. With line stripping, handicapped parking is easier to identify through markings and also allows handicapped visitors direct access and a direct path to the building.

In addition to easing access to buildings, business owners will be honoring the regulations of the American Disabilities Act which requires businesses and public facilities to clearly designate handicap spots.

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