With summer season already in full swing, Gettysburg Sealcoating are in business to help homes and commercial property owners better prepare their properties and keep it attractive with sealcoating services.

However, several property owners are more interested in the fun associated with summer season that they fail to pay attention to their properties and how much appeal it has lost. With the summer heat, it is important to address the question of whether one’s property, especially the driveway and parking lot are ready to take the summer heat.

If you are considering whether or not you should get a seal coating expert to handle the seal coating needs of your property, below are some of the reasons why you should get a good sealcoating for your driveway and parking lot before the summer season arrives.

Guaranteed extended lifespan for your pavement

Prevention is better than cure. This saying is not only applicable to the human health but to everything, including your pavement. Getting a seal coating service done on your property in preparation for the summer heat adds an extra layer onto your lot and driveway thus protecting it against seasonal elements. Doing this will protect the driveway from critical heat during the summer and from impact of rain during the storms. Sealcoating, due to its added protection on the pavement will overall increase the lifespan of your pavement.

Avoid expensive repair costs

The pavement is constantly exposed to weather elements and as such is bound to wear away and become damaged earlier compared to other protected areas in the home. With damages comes the high cost of repairs, lest the property become less attractive and loses its appeal. To protect you from the high cost of repairs, sealcoating can be used as a means to protect the pavement from common damages such as cracks and potholes. In the event the damage is not attended to early enough, it may spread thus leading to the need of a new driveway or parking lot.

Protect against freeze –thaw cycles

An unprotected pavement will have cracks which can accommodate ice and over time, due to expansion and contraction of water and its freeze-thaw effect lead to aggravation of cracks. However, to protect against the freeze-thaw action of water which may further damage the driveway, seal coating is a recommended solution for property owners.

Blocks the harsh effect of sunlight

 The sun, as part of the weather elements contains UV rays which is capable of damaging the pavement over time. While the sun is mostly intense during the summer months, this means that more damage is done to your exposed pavement during this period compared to other seasons. To however reduce the negative and damaging effect of the sun, it is recommended that you choose seal coating ahead of the summer months.

Avoid damages caused by auto fluids

Auto fluids remain some of the greatest adversaries to asphalt, the material which is used in making the pavement. Asphalt is a petroleum product and when it comes in contact with auto fluids such as gas and oil, it reacts, causing it to soften and over time leading to cracks and breakage. Seal coating however can prevent against this reaction.

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