Most people do not consider doing any kind of maintenance in their home until something breaks, and then the issue has often gotten out of hand and ends up costing the homeowner more money than it would have. This applies to driveways and parking lots even more since most people don’t even think about them much, but they should because a home’s driveway is more important than it gets credit for, and so is a parking lot for a business. But like anything else, a driveway will not last forever. Think about it, your driveway takes a lot of damage from the elements; your driveway has to endure the sun’s harsh rays, rain, snow, extreme temperatures, and the normal tear and wear from being driven on. 


Is Driveway Maintenance Enough ?

You might still be wondering whether driveway maintenance is a good idea. The answer is a resounding yes! Have you ever noticed how often roads are being fixed in your city or town? Yes, they do get a lot more traffic on them than your personal driveway ever will, but they are also made of higher-grade asphalt precisely because of this. Those roads need regular maintenance to keep functioning properly and so does your driveway! The best benefit of having maintenance done on your driveway or parking lot is that it extends its life, meaning that you will not have to have it replaced or repaired as often, saving you money. Failing to have proper maintenance performed on a regular basis can result in cracks, and once those cracks begin to appear, more and more water will permeate into your driveway and cause even more damage. What can you do? Gettysburg Sealcoating can help. There are two options that people find when searching for an answer: Asphalt Overlay and Sealcoating. But what is the difference between the two?

Asphalt Sealcoating

Perhaps the biggest difference between sealcoating and asphalt overlays is that sealcoating your driveway is a good maintenance measure to take in order to avoid worse problems down the line; whereas an asphalt overlay is a good option for driveways or parking lots that have already sustained damage. When a driveway or parking lot gets sealcoating, it is like a new paint job that will protect it from the elements and give it a “face-lift” so that it looks new.  Because this is a preventative measure, it is best to get this done within the first few years of the driveway or parking lot’s installation.

Asphalt Overlay

Your driveway or parking lot has a life expectancy of perhaps 20 years depending on various factors such as the weather that it will have to endure. While sealcoating is a good way to keep damage at bay, once it has been damaged and shows cracks and potholes as a result, an asphalt overlay is the best choice of the two, this is especially true if your driveway or parking lot is near the end of its lifespan because it will give you approximately two more years before you have to replace it all.

Should you choose Sealcoating or an Asphalt Overlay?

Sometimes, knowing which of the two is the right solution can be a little tricky and that is why you need professionals to assess the state of your driveway or parking lot before making a choice. Both of these options have their benefits and drawbacks such as price and durability. You can get more information here:

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